Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Plant for the New Year

Over the holidays, I fled the city for the country to visit my family.  Tea was drunk, crosswords were solved, and a whole lot of gardening sites were read.  The entire time, a very large Thanksgiving cactus sat sentinel.    With the gardening sites in front of me and the cactus next to me, I got to thinking that maybe I would like my own Thanksgiving cactus.  While I have always had much better luck with outdoor plants than indoor plants, the adoption of an orphan spider plant last spring (which is doing remarkably well in my office) had me feeling confident and I decided to try my luck again.

I carried two cuttings back with me to the city on the train wrapped in a white paper towel in my bag.  Two days later, I pulled out some left over potting soil (I like Miracle-Gro Moisture Control the best) and a little white pot.  In went a coffee filter (to let water drain but not soil), followed by the potting soil and the two cuttings, which I planted about one inch deep.  A little water and voila!  I new plant for the new year.

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