Sunday, November 9, 2014

November is Here

It may be November 9, but the trees are still going strong here in New York City.  The London Plane trees still haven't turned, but some of the other trees have taken on a brilliant orange color.

Other trees are working their way from green to orange.

The purple asters are still going strong.

And the white roses in the park nearby continue to bloom.

Today I brought in the caladium bulbs I had dug up from my garden and had been drying on my balcony.  I layered them in a large paper shopping bag with newspaper and placed them in a little used closet.  Fingers crossed they will store until next summer when I will be able to plant them again.

My potted prickly pear cactus has wilted and shriveled up in preparation for winter.  I moved it so it is against the balcony's brick wall and under the window air conditioner so it gets a little protection from snow and harsh winds and the benefit of the warm bricks.

My potted Chicago Hardy fig tree also will get pushed up against the brick wall and underneath the air conditioner eventually.  Since it has been such a mild autumn, the leaves are still green and only beginning to turn yellow.  I debated whether I should wrap the tree and ultimately decided to take my chances.  I am hoping that if I can protect it from the snow and ice, it will be alright.  Looking at the ten day forecast, we might get our first frost here in NYC on Thursday or Friday night so the fig tree will need to be pushed against the brick wall soon.

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